What’s my age again?

I’m turning 32 next week. What a time to be alive! An orange man thinks he has a real shot at president and emoji’s are an actual language! I still remember tap dialling on a landline, the revolution that was the disk man, MS-DOS and floppy disks. What a time indeed…

You, Jesus and me make three

A reflection on overcoming intimacy issues and finding joy in sexual fulfillment

A reflection of my happy heART

A reflection on learning to write from a happier place, because angst isn't my heART.

Say Yes

…on what has unintentionally become repeated exposure to my biggest fear. Say Yes was intended to be a time boxed exercise to get me back out there. Borne from the rude awakening that I was a few declined invites short of becoming a social recluse who at 40, would find herself surrounded by only cats, a parrot and the stench of animal piss.

30 by 30: My Live Life List

So much to do, so little time... To keep track of it all, I made a list!