7/52 You are the weakest link, goodbye!

To ride or Die? When you think you're surrounded by friends, but in reality they're traitors. Read about how I deal with the less than trustworthy people I have had the misfortune of encountering.

6/52 Getting into Formation

A few places to be this summer in my City, Pretoria for those with wanderlust because apparently crossing the jukskei constitutes long distance travel for Joburg residents

5/52 The Gift

Some people are just really awesome gift givers:-)

4/52 OMG! I’m becoming my mom

I've become my mom, and somehow that thought does not fill me with horror because our journey, though still unfolding has been incredibly beautiful.

3/52 Knights of the Vale

Some of the moments that really stand out for me, where people I had not known I would need showed up on white horses.

2/52 Down in the DM

Putting my love on blast, because it's all about gratitude.

1/52 Searching for Silver Linings

Searching for silver linings in a world gone mad with hate