If it hasn’t been clear from my previous posts (mostly lack thereof), I’ve been adulting hard over the past couple of years. Not a humble brag. Really.

The greats:

  • I married the love of my life
  • We expanded our family
  • I started a side hustle


The not so greats:

  • Taking care of an ageing, ill parent
  • Losing said ageing, ill parent
  • Another emergency c-section
  • Postpartum depression


I’ve been present in the land of the living, which has made it really hard to be present and engaged on social media and the online diary. There was a point where I felt really bad about it, I had paid for a premium subscription which I wasn’t using and I hate to waste money. I had all these things happening that are typical, everyday adulting things, but I couldn’t put pen to paper/ finger to keyboard. It was overwhelming. I’ll blog about it soon.

What-on-earth-is-that-888x744Not surprisingly, my mind was a mess. Still is, but the yarn is slowly becoming untangled. Sort of. I’m gonna get back there. One step at a time. I’m getting there.

{note to self} Be patient with me.