There are three things that I know for sure.

  1. Humans have no boundaries.
  2. Social media has created keyboard warriors.
  3. The combination of the two pisses me off.

When something of significance happens in someone’s life, and they want to speak about it, how is it that random Joe Soaps feel it appropriate to decide when it’s enough? What, because you are on my social media, suddenly you are my puppet master? Social media has made us so bold that individual boundaries have disappeared. Arguably, by posting things in a public forum people are inviting commentary of some sort. But would you walk up to me and say that to my face?


As someone who has gone through some life changing experiences, it miffs me to no end to stumble across comments like “why are we still talking about this”, “if she is so happy then why is she still speaking about it”, “that happened last year, move on” etc. My question is why does it hurt you so much? Firstly, you opted into my social media, you can just as easily opt out. Second, and most importantly, talking about the events that shaped my life gives them no power over me. When you shine a light on something, guess what? It’s no longer in the dark, it’s not a secret, and there is no shame. Or do you want to whip out my stories at your discretion and lord over me with them? I’m sure that would suit you better…if only it was about you.

Most often with a life-changing event, they only become so with hindsight and introspection. When the events are happening and you are ‘during’ the experience, we are so consumed by our emotions – questioning why this is happening to you, why your life is being upended unceremoniously. It is with time and maturity that the significance of the events become clear. When, for the most part, you are in a better place can you genuinely look back thankful that you came out stronger at the other end, because no pressure, no diamond.

It is only by owning their truth that one can take back their power. If the courage of others makes you so uncomfortable that you would have them hide their truth when it’s inconvenient for you, what does that say about you? Think about it.


The typical brush off ‘haters gonna hate’ does not cover it when my power has you outchea acting like demonic swine in contact with holy water. What’s wrong? Is my truth too much for you? Does my strength intimidate you? Did you think I would be so easily broken? That I would not rise? You’ve exposed yourself. Only the weak try to break and stifle others. If it bothers you to hear my truth, walk on by. You’re just hearing about it – I had to live through it. Not all messages are for you. Powerful stories give others courage and strength to rise, so excuse me as I continue to inspire others (who are not you) without getting tired of talking about it.

Witness me as I proceed with my total badassery

No approval required.