On woman’s day, we did a family photo shoot. Aside from it being piles of fun, it was also a unique bonding experience with the family. The last time we did one, it was in the studio with the standard sterile blue background, the choir-like poses and no room for creativity. But this time we went off to Zita Park, around the corner from home and we acted like kids. The results are amazing! I would not only recommend this to everyone, but I would do it again as soon as possible.

We stood in formation….



and lounged on trees

Given how much fun this was, I reckon I’ll  be spending more time outdoors with the family this spring and summer. Pretoria is a wonderfully warm place (temperature wise), and we are just around the corner from the Jacaranda showers of October. I’ve lived here for 21 odd years, but there are a few places that I keep coming back to, especially now that I don’t want to spend too much energy on dressing up to go out, or I have Bunny in tow. I have a few recommendations for those of you with wanderlust because apparently coming to Pretoria constitutes long distance travel for Joburg residents.


Capital Craft

Over 200 craft beers, and the best smoked ribs I have ever tasted. Capital craft is the place to be if you are looking for a chilled place to hang out on a Saturday until closing time at midnight. It’s usually packed in summer but people don’t mind sharing benches with waiting strangers, in fact, I think it lends to the vibe. There is usually sports on a screen somewhere, and time just disappears as you try out beer after beer. Also look out for their tasting options if you want to try out 6 ‘bite’ sized beers at a time. P.s. wi-fi is free.


Hazelwood Food Market

This Saturday food market is about 400 meters away from capital craft, and served all sorts of delicious delicacies. I’m particularly fond of the Rib Shack’s cherry cola ribs, as well as Zaksaties lamb sosaties. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning if food markets are your thing. There is also a small entertainment area for children with (free) jungle gyms and some arts and crafts.


Apparently all I do is drink at this market. Evidence to the contrary does not exist.

Cowhouse Market

Another great food market situated in an actual cowhouse. It’s incredibly quaint and well contained. There is live entertainment and a well catered for children’s play area. My favorite places to eat are the barking dog, and the place that serves vetkoek burgers (unfortunately, I was too occupied stuffing my face to note their name). There is a very nice selection of alcohol on sale here which made me incredibly happy. If you are a seating snob, you can bring your picnic blanket or camp master deluxe chair.


the barking dog (banting)

Moo Moo

This is by far my favorite place to hang out and people watch in the summer. Great ambiance, great service, delicious custom steaks, drinks that never fail and most importantly not too hard on the wallet.

Fun fact: weekdays between 4pm and 6pm wine per glass is on a 2 for 1 special.


Pretoria zoo

Q: Have you ever seen an okapi?

A: No?

Q: Do you need another reason to go?

A: No

I thought as much.

Source: Wikipedia


If this hasn’t enticed you, other places to consider are Freedom park, Harrie’s pancakes near the union buildings, Groenkloof nature reserve, Irene Farm and Willowfeather farm. This is where I’ll be this summer, so why don’t you come across the Jukskei and discover Pretoria yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed.


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