Has the world gone mad? There is so much anger and hate in the world right now, it’s completely bonkers! I’m crying for my country, black lives, our economy, our children. It makes it hard to watch the news or spend time on social media. My heart has been so heavy with all the killings, oppression,  hate and anger. In typical fashion, I’ve done an ostrich with regards to the whole thing and stopped watching the news and reading things on social media. I’m not live streaming anything for the next little while because Lord knows what I might watch. I just can’t anymore with all the negativity.


I’m in a serious funk, and all the closet hate that’s spewing out for the world to see has me furiously searching for silver linings everywhere. I have an overwhelming need to be proactive, to do something to bring about change, even if it’s just in my own life. So it’s probably the right time to embark on a 52-week challenge with a central theme of gratitude. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and engage with me through this blog and hopefully, we will heal our world one positive thought and action at a time.

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge 

  1. Why start this challengeSearching for silver linings
  2. Spouse / significant otherDown in the DM
  3. FamilyKnights of the vale
  4. A family memberOMG! I’m becoming my mom
  5. Something someone gave youThe Gift
  6. The city you live in – Getting into Formation
  7. A friend 1You are the weakest link, goodbye!
  8. Express gratitude to 3 people
  9. How did you do & feel?
  10. List 5 things you like about you
  11. Someone who inspires you
  12. Your favourite personality trait
  13. A challenge you’ve overcome
  14. A talent you have
  15. Things you like about spring
  16. Simple things in life
  17. Something you take for granted
  18. The weather
  19. Health
  20. A friend 2
  21. Things you like about the summer
  22. Something you use everyday
  23. Favourite physical trait
  24. A book you learned from
  25. Education
  26. Someone you got to meet
  27. Favourite spot in your city
  28. Your past
  29. Your favourite memory
  30. Your current age
  31. Core value
  32. A city you’ve visited
  33. Something you look forward to
  34. Things you like about fall
  35. Your neighbourhood
  36. Your home
  37. Something you created
  38. Music you love
  39. Your heritage
  40. Greatest accomplishment
  41. Hobbies
  42. Your favourite possession
  43. A mentor / teacher
  44. Your favourite holiday
  45. What you do for fun
  46. Technology
  47. Opportunities you’ve been given
  48. Your job
  49. Things you like about winter
  50. Lessons learned this year
  51. 100 things to be thankful for
  52. Did this challenge change you?