I’m turning 32 next week. What a time to be alive! An orange man thinks he has a real shot at president and emoji’s are an actual language! I still remember tap dialling on a landline, the revolution that was the disk man, MS-DOS and floppy disks. What a time indeed…


I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time reflecting on the last 31 years and what I’ve learnt. Here’s 32 things that I know for sure:

  1. VH1 is what MTV used to be – good music 24/7
  2. Age is a state of mind
  3. Bodies get soft, and that’s ok
  4. Take care of your bones. They are irreplaceable
  5. An appropriate bedtime is 9.30pm. In fact, anything after 10pm is considered a turn upMjAxMy0yMDVlZWFjYTkyZGQ1OTc1_5127a2068be3c
  6. Getting drunk is a two-day experience because hangovers last all through the next day
  7. You’ve got to sustain some form of fitness. It’s not that easy to get back into shape after slacking off during winter (note to self)
  8. Pilates (or yoga) is essential. At the very least, it will save your back
  9. You are a source of inspiration to someone
  10. Be kind to yourself
  11. Forgive yourself for the mistakes of your youth
  12. Protect your credit score
  13. Live in the moment – chose joy, sing along on top of your voice, dance. But do so whilst wearing sunscreen
  14. Get a retirement annuity, you’re halfway there
  15. It’s ok to turn into your mum. She raised a wonderful daughter so she can’t be all that bad
  16. Family is not just blood, but authentic connections and real relationships
  17. Never give up. It’s always darkest before the dawn
  18. Do not settle for mediocrity
  19. Be unapologetic about your truth and brave enough to give voice to your feelings. You don’t have to agree with everything they say
  20. Life is too short to watch shit movies 3fd87c4f223e199b2f44e10d7ec9d43f
  21. Wear your battle scars with pride
  22. Fill your mind with useful things, and read fulfilling books (i.e. no more mills and boon)
  23. Don’t live in fear of the unknown
  24. Put down the technology and connect in person
  25. Privacy matters. Save something for yourself – not everything needs to be on social media
  26. Drama is not excitement. Stability is
  27. Travel – even if it’s just 30 minutes away
  28. Work to live – don’t take work on holiday with you
  29. 80% of the battle can be won with good eating habits
  30. Douche bags / fuck boys do not deserve a place in your life or in your head
  31. Be honest about your age (was 21 really that fabulous?). Also, it’s ok to use urban dictionary
  32. You matter the most. Love yourself enoughb84045ea194eef8e53a5af52b8b80aa8.jpg