I am happy. It is different from my previous sunny side up disposition. I am well and truly giddy with joy twenty four-seven. I have a skip in my step and I am bubbling over with bliss. I am in love, you see. And I am loved with equal abandon.

I have been on an unintentional writing hiatus. With this new state of bliss I am completely immersed in the moment. I can no longer relate to the content I had queued up. It was grounded in the past. I have been thinking about it and agonising at the blank space on my blog. Wanting to post something, anything really. I could not.

I would start writing and the words would dry up. I would revisit my notes. I was hoping to find something that I would reflect my current state of mind. I could not find a thing.

I never really thought about the emotional space that I was writing from. I was happy enough reflecting on my experiences of self-discovery. I had more ‘blank’ space in my mind. I had more anxiety. I had more questions and doubts. I now have acceptance. I am at peace.

I am now giddy with joy. I am determined to write beautiful pieces from a happy place. Angst isn’t art. I will still write from my heart.

I am happy now. I am excited at the new direction of my art. I am in love, you see. Let me show you my happy heART.