Start with the why. Simon Sinek was on to something really profound there. It’s also a really good Ted talk, if you’re interested. This is my first in a series of blog posts in which I will be chronicling journey towards an even more awesome version of myself. Why? Well, something idillionaire said recently really resonated with me, and made me think about my journey so far; “I don’t have it all together but I’m working on me. I want to remain in a constant state of improvement. That’s my idea of the perfect journey”


Also, this decision to blog is one of those things that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’, triggered by the observation by a friend that my hair makes me look like a writer. Compliment? I don’t know. But it made a light bulb, albeit a dim one, go off. Now normally, these off the cuff decisions tend to be failures of epic proportions, but if I think back on it, most of the best things in my life have come about as a result of decisions made because of whimsy. Prime example: deciding to do my masters. Whilst the rest of my class mates had some really awesome career path that would be enhanced by a masters, I kinda just felt like it one day and registered. Cue awesome career things!

Also, getting married. Yes, yes, that should be a MAJOR decision based on love, mutual respect and blah blah fish paste (that was mostly there at the time), but in truth getting married seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, having been through the longest divorce process known to mankind, I’m of the somewhat humbling view that it was one of the best things that happened to me …>pauses for the shock and horror gasps and “how dare she… [Insert judgement here]”<. But it was. I’ll tell you why

  • I have the most awesome strong-willed and also cantankerous daughter, who right now is 5 going on 60
  • I’ve never been happier because all that f***ed up introspection that comes along with being an introvert going through a divorce (whilst also balancing a Masters degree, a management consulting job and mothering a toddler) has resulted in me knowing who I am, what I like and deciding to live a more authentic life
  • I’m can do whatever I like (barring the periods when I have to work, and be a mom). No more, ‘husband, can I? Yay for a permission free life!
  • I’ve shed a hellava lot of baggage with the divorce, so I’m (for the most part) a happy lady, whose chi is aligned. I’ve also managed to do great things with my career since, discover a love for travelling and become a fitness freak
  • I’ve embraced my so-called shortcomings, and now, I DON’T CURRRR. Take me as I am, or f**k off

I’ve lived and have the scars to show. Some of my war stories are funny as hell, others are downright heart-breaking. But this isn’t one of those deep and meaningful blogs, in fact, it might likely read like the poor second cousin of Bridget Jones online diary. I don’t have it all together all the time, neither do I have all the answers. This is a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures as I navigate through the life of a 30-something femme who is also a yummy mummy and a career consultant.